Monday, April 30, 2012

A train ride to the misty hills.

The train was due to leave the Fort Railway station at 9.45. We booked the new " Rajadhani Express" train box and  was at the station around 9.15. Managed to buy some water bottles and  a few biscuit packets from the station canteen. The train box was very  clean and  comfortable and  peaceful as it was less crowded than the  other coaches.

Speeding away from the hustle and  bustle of the city to the smaller towns dotted amidst the paddy fields, houses along the way gives one an idea of how the people live. You get a glimps of a group of women either chatting with the neighbors or kids playing in the gardens as it was the  school holidays.
The  landscape changes from flat paddy fields to the hills and  to cooler temperature. Rain slows the train down yet the journey though is long doesn't feel tiring.